Hand-made construction with the finest point-to-point wiring.

EI output transformer with wide bandwidth and push transformer are applied.

Specially designed toroid transformer for power supply.

One piece of 6SN7 has been used in the preamp stage for voltage regulation.

Two pieces of 6SN7 has been used for voltage amplification.

TJ Full Music 300B with Porcelain base has been used for drive amplification. 845 vacuum tube has been  used for Single-end Class A amplification.

Switchable between different negative feedbacks. NFB.-0dB, NFB.-2dB, NFB.-3dB, NFB.-4dB, NFB.-5dB  can be chose under different hearing environment.

User Bias adjustment, Hum Balance adjustment are accessible on top of the amplifier with true ampere meter.

BALANCE and RCA input function.

High quality German WBT top grade Speaker terminals, USA Multicap Capacitors and Japanese Takman  Carbon Film Audio grade resistors have been used in the amplifier.

High-grade gold-plated porcelain tube socket is used to raise reliability of connection.

Time-delay power supply for both high/low voltage and preheated filament to prolong tube's life.

Thickly silver plated signal cables and connectors have been used.

Equipped with easily-installed aluminum tube cover for protection.