Product Description:

Twenty-four watts per channel, Single Ended design, Pure Class A Integrated Stereo Amplifier with 845 output power tubes.
All tube Integrated with WE6SN7 voltage amplification stage, 300B driver tubes and 845 output tubes.
Three pairs of line inputs, one pair of Pre-In and one pair of Tape Output are located on the rear panel of the amplifier.
Different from other inputs Pre-In offers you a possibility to connect to some other Preamplifier so that you can use the CS-845A as a power amplifier.
Speaker terminals for 4 and 8 ohm speakers are located on the rear panel of the Amplifier.
User bias controls for 845 have been used for bias adjustment and one meter has been added to the top plate to allow you to monitor bias with ease.
Hum balance for 300B tube is accessible on the top plate for easy adjustment of the hum level of the tubes.
Negative Feedback switch is on the front plate that you can choose between two levels of NFB to enjoy the different sound outputs of the CS-845A tube amplifier.

Under the state of 0dB it has an open sound with more details while as for -3dB CS-845A outputs a soft, clean sound.
Anodized aluminum front, fully vented chassis with excellent gorgeous finish, hand-made construction with the finest point-to-point wiring,
Soft-start circuit to protect the amplifier for extended life of sensitive components.
Premium Parts: Alps volume control, Audio grade capacitors and carbon film resistor, Toroid transformer for power supply, Wide bandwidth EI output transformer, Ceramic tube sockets, etc.
Standard with remote volume control, CS-845A can memorize last operation of the unit once switched off.

Available front finish: Silver and Black.