Soul 170HA was awarded the BEST OF SHOW title by Sound News

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With the closure of the High End Munich, we're left cherishing endless memories of the wonderful times spent there. Undoubtedly, you, my fellas audiophiles, gained numerous auditory experiences and discovered fascinating gears!

We sincerely thank SOUND NEWS for their high praise of our new headphone amplifier, Soul 170HA.

"The Cayin Soul-170HA headphone amplifier literally 'stole' the spotlight at the show. It competes in the end-game category despite its modest price. Its punchy, dynamic, and holographic sound rival top-tier amplifiers, even surpassing my reference one. The HiFiMan Susvara came alive like never before, thanks to the U-170HA's transformative power, it's not just for headphones; I plan to test it with passive loudspeakers. Cayin has truly outdone themselves, offering exceptional performance at an unbeatable price. The limitless power output, expansive soundstage, and legendary dynamics make it a must-have. This amplifier ignited my excitement, and I'm sure it will do the same for you."

You may visit their website for more information & review details: https://soundnews.net/show_reports/munich-high-end-show-2024-full-report/?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTAAAR1wmdt4oAHx2yiXtdOor9i6ke_3NwCtZZp5CavlS5ZhMcfqcQZMom-w5Dw_aem_ASG1T64shEC8jlWwc3iXCYltfYoC2KiQhSxNDm6af-Dd-UyP-CUVlutR0cE9IXF3DnhGVEoEyF_5ZjPx3CbfWtmQ