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  • The consumer electronic industry has been very busy in past few years, new formats, service and technologies are coming out every few months. High-resolution, also known as High-definition or HD, become the sure-win marketing term that flooded the hardware and software sector of Home Entertainment fields. Unlike high-definition video, which has to meet certain criteria before they are qualified to use the name, there’s no universal standard for hi-res audio

    • .CNC from aerospace aluminium alloy Craftsmanship and Precision
    • .Line Output, flexible and versatile
    • .Engraved buttons with finest sandblasting Delicate to touch, Sensible to control
    • .Native decode SACD ISO, including DST encoded
    • .Cool and glamorous playback interface, A perfect team work of sound and visual

    • The CS-55A is the most recent advancement in tube amplifier technology created by Cayin. This state-of-the-art machine boasts forty watts per channel by using 4 KT88 tubes in Class AB ultra-linear push pull amplification. The CS-55A consists of four pairs of input: one Phono, a USB port, and two line inputs giving a wide range of options for any listener.

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