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  • Hand-made construction with the finest point-to-point wiring.
  • Two EI output transformer with wide bandwidth are applied.
  • Specially designed toroid transformer for power supply.
  • One piece of 6SN7 has been used in the preamp stage for voltage regulation.
  • Two pieces of 6SL7 has been used for voltage amplification while another two pieces of 6SN7 has been used for driver stage.
  • Two pieces of TJ Full Music 300B with Porcelain base has been used for drive amplification.
  • 845 vacuum tube has been used for Single-end Class A amplification. One piece of each channel.
  • Switchable between different negative feedbacks. It outputs soft, clean, original sound if operated at -3dB NFB. Otherwise it output open, bold sound in details if operated at 0dB NFB.
  • User Bias adjustment, Hum Balance adjustment are accessible on top of the amplifier with true ampere meter.
  • Remote control for all functions.
  • Can be used as a Power Amplifier.
  • M-845i can memorize last operation of the unit once turned off.
  • Output Level will attenuate automatically for Blanced Input.
  • High quality Alps Volume control, German WBT top grade Speaker terminals, USA Multicap Capacitors and Japanese Takman Carbon Film Audio grade resistors have been used in the amplifier.
  • Thickly silver plated signal cable has been used.
  • Equipped with easily-installed tube cover for protection.
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