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N6ii and YB04 received annual awards by Headfonia.com


After winning the gold medal of『Music Player (¥120,000 to ¥200,000) Category ②』of theFujiya-Avic Headphone Festival Award 2019 Spring in June, Cayin’s N6ii has received another influential award of the year, the Best All-round DAP of 2019 by Headphonia.com.


The N6ii is the first ever portable player that allow the users to experience AKM/PCM/ESS DAC, discrete components, pure Class A, and parallel amplification in one system, we shall try out best to expand the N6ii into a "crazy" audiophile platform to all portable audio users.


At the same time, YB04 has been awarded the Best Smaller Pockets IEM of 2019 by Headfonia. It is a big encouragement for us, as YB04 is our first IEM product, we took our steps slowly and explored several options before we finalised the Four BAs configuration as our ice-breaking attempt. We are most grateful that we get it right and received significant endorsement from reputable reviewers and sincere users.


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We sincerely appreciate Headfonia's recognition of our latest DAP and IEM product. There will be new products in 2020 and we'll deliver more innovation and stronger engineering in Cayin new lineup.

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