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Cayin portable products Certified for Hi-Res Audio

The consumer electronic industry has been very busy in past few years, new formats, service and technologies are coming out every few months. High-resolution, also known as High-definition or HD, become the sure-win marketing term that flooded the hardware and software sector of Home Entertainment fields. Unlike high-definition video, which has to meet certain criteria before they are qualified to use the name, there’s no universal standard for hi-res audio.

In order to establish a proper standard for the industry and avoid confusion to consumers, the Japan Audio Society (JAS) and the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) developed a standard for high-res audio in late 2014. Sooner after that, the alliance has developed criteria for using the Hi-Res Audio logo. The logo can be adopted, under license, by products conform to the Hi-Res Audio standard defined by the Alliance.

Cayin has been dedicated to design and manufacture high fidelity audio product since 1993. We proudly announced that our complete line of portable products (i5, N5, N6, C5, and C5DAC) have been designated as hi-res audio (HRA) products by the Japan Audio Society and we can address our products with the Hi-Res Audio logo with immediate effect.


The basic requirement of Hi-Res Audio is to achieve “Lossless audio that is capable of reproducing the full range of sound from recordings that have been mastered from better than CD quality music sources”. In other word, certified Hi-Res Audio products must be capable to bring you as close as possible to the original master recording, and this will involve frequency bandwidth and dynamic range that outperforms CD quality benchmark.

Cayin C5DAC


While the needs and specification might vary in terms of product category and projected price range, Cayin has insisted the high fidelity requirements in every product we design and produced. When our complete product line is certified for Hi-Res Audio, we consider this an impartial professional recognition to our persistence and determination to uphold sound quality as our fundamental belief.


We are excited that Cayin is in the same page as other leading brands in audio innovation, and we shall continue to maintain our competitive edge. Cayin will continue our venture in design and develop products that meet or exceed the Hi-Res Audio requirements, within budget, and offer the best possible cost performance of their price range.


Cayin N5


With immediate effect, our newly produced certified Hi-Res Audio products will carry the Hi-Res Audio logo on its package, and a Hi-Res Audio sticker will be included as standard accessories. Previous production will not be retrofitted.

Cayin i5 package with Hi-Res Audio logo


The logo is recognition of our achievement, it will not improve the sound quality of our equipment. We shall continue to live up to our belief: to unleash the power of music, to convey the feeling of the musician, and to produce high quality audio product that is affordable and adorable.


Cayin will salute the spirit of High Fidelity.

With Cayin, your audio journey will never be the same again


1st November 2016

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