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Version:Announcement of Cayin N6ii firmware v1.15
Date:2019-07-15 02:07:29
Update log

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Announcement of Cayin N6ii firmware v1.15


New Functions and System Optimization


1. Added data and user-interface to support forthcoming Audio Motherboards.

2. Added Lockscreen Button Settings, user can enable or disable the Volume Control and the physical playback control buttons when the screen is off.

3. Added Exclusive HQ USB audio access in Cayin Music App Settings menu. When turned on, Cayin Music App will dominate USB Audio Output, all other apps cannot output from USB Audio Output. When turned off, all system and third-party apps can use USB Audio Output.

4. Added “Never” option in Sleep (automatically turn off screen) selection menu.

5. Added Ultra Audio Transmission (UAT) option in Bluetooth Audio Decode selection.

6. Added a pop-up confirmation dialogue before switching from BAL PO to BAL LO, the device will be switched to balanced Line Out after user selected “OK”.

7. Enhance stability when Cayin Music App pairing and connected with iPhone via HiByLink.

8. Fixed Cayin Music App unable to scan and play M4A files with bitrate less than 320kbps.

9. Fixed file management bug that invoke “failed to delete” pop-up dialogue when deleting files at the “album”, “artist” and “genre” screen in Cayin Music App.

10. Fixed duplicated Volume and Gain icons of Notification menu at the lock screen.

11. Cayin Music app in Notification menu can now be switched off.

12. Fixed bugs of Gboard Japanese Input, the Gboard Japanese Input can be used properly.

13. Bug fixes, vocabulary, UI modifications and other optimizations.


Firmware Update Procedures


Cayin will release firmware update to enhance and optimize N6ii as deem required. User can update the firmware through OTA or local update. To manually download the firmware, please visit our official website, https://en.cayin.cn/down1/show?id=13579


Please make sure the device has enough battery power before you proceed.  Please check the device has not less than 30% battery power, otherwise please charge up the player before you proceed to firmware update.



· Please make sure the device has not less than 30% battery power, otherwise please charge up the player before you proceed to firmware update.

· Please make sure your N6ii has more than 1GB of storage before the firmware update.

· Do not operate the device during firmware update.

· During firmware update, the device will turn off and reboot automatically.  If the device does not reboot 3 minutes after turned off, please press and hold the POWER BUTTON for 3 seconds to boot up the device, the device will resume the firmware update process.

· If you update the firmware via local update, please delete/remove the firmware file from the TF card after the firmware update.


OTA Update Procedures


1. Connect the N6ii to internet via Wi-Fi.

2. Enter the Settings menu, then proceed to “System” -> “Wireless Update”.

3. Press “Check for updates”, system will check for new firmware.

 N6ii V1.jpg

4. Press “Download” after a new firmware is detected, system will start downloading the new firmware.

N6ii V 1.jpg

5. Press “Install now” after the firmware is successfully downloaded.

        N6ii V1(2.jpg

6. Press “OK” at the pop-up dialogue, system will start installing the new firmware.


                                N6ii V1(3.jpg




Local Update Procedures


1. Download the latest firmware update package from Cayin official website (en.cayin.cn), you should receive a compressed file as XXXX.zip that contains the N6ii firmware.

2. DO NOT decompress the zip file. Copy it, then paste it in the root directory of N6ii internal memory or TF card, insert the TF card into N6ii before you proceed to next step.  

3. Enter the Settings menu, then proceed to “System” -> “Wireless Update”.

4. Press the  “” icon on the top right corner of the screen.

                    N6ii V1(4.jpg


5. Select “Local updates” in the pull-down menu.

                     N6ii V1(6.jpg

6. Proceed to the directory where the firmware file is located, then select the firmware file.

                       N6ii V1(7.jpg

7. Press “INSTALL NOW”.

                                 N6ii V1(1.jpg


8. Press “OK” at the pop-up dialogue, system will start installing the new firmware.

                     N6ii V1(8.jpg


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