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Version:Announcement of Cayin N8 firmware v2.5
Date:2019-06-13 01:06:22
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Announcement of Cayin N8 firmware v2.5

The main purpose of this firmware is to enable UAT codec in N8 Bluetooth. UAT (Ultra Audio Transmission) is a new Hi-Res Bluetooth codec developed by HiBy Music. Rated at up to 1.2Mbps, this is probably the highest data rate ever implemented in Bluetooth audio application, and will support high sampling rate up to 192kHz. Users can select 600K, 900K, 1.2M connection to fit different environment.


 New Functions and System Optimization

1. Added UAT Codec to Bluetooth audio.

2. Added new feature to  point at current track when call up current playlist during playback.

3. Recovered Left/Right channel balance function when 3.5mm phone out is engaged.

4. Bug fixed: Font size of “LO Output Level” and “ReplayGain” not synchronized with “Font size” adjustment.

5. Improved user interface by changing some of the wording and naming of features and parameters.

6. Other bugs fixed and optimization.


Instructions to enable UAT

 UAT on N8 works in two modes. In Transmitter Mode, easily connect N8 with your headphone or speaker that supports UAT. While in Receiver Mode, N8 can play music from any Android device via HiBy Music App (ver. 3.3.0_5703 or above) and be used as a wireless DAC and amplifier.


Transmitter Mode:

1. Navigate to Wireless Settings on your N8.

2. Turn on Bluetooth and pair with your headphone or speaker that supports UAT.

3. In the Quality options, select a UAT codec with the output rate.


Receiver Mode:


1. Pair N8 and your Android smartphone via Bluetooth.

  (Hiby Link has to be switched off.)


2. Open HiBy Music App on your phone and navigate to the Settings menu.


3. In the Settings menu, switch on “HiBy UAT” option.


4. Play music in HiBy Music App, while N8 works as a wireless DAC and amplifier via Bluetooth & UAT.


Firmware upgrades procedure

Cayin will release firmware upgrade to enhance and optimize N8 as deem required. Due to server maintenance, upgrading through OTA is not available. The new firmware can ONLY be acquired through manual download, you can download the new firmware from our official website, en.cayin.cn/download/?itemid=115.


Please make sure the device has sufficient battery power before you proceed.  Please confirm the device has not less than 50% battery power, otherwise please charge up the player before you proceed to firmware upgrade.


Local Upgrade Procedures


1. Download the latest firmware upgrade package from Cayin official website (www.cayin.cn), you should receive a compressed file as XXXX.zip that contains the N8 firmware.

2. Decompress the zip file and extract the N8 firmware file (n8.upt).

3. Copy N8 firmware file into the root directory of N8 internal memory or TF card, insert the micro SD card into N8 before you proceed to next step.  

4. Select System Upgrade from System Setup menu, when prompted by the system, select “update via TF card”.  You will be asked to confirm your selection, select OK to proceed.

5. The system will start the firmware upgrade immediately, you can monitor the process through the Updater progress bar.  

6. The player will reboot into main menu when the firmware upgrade is completed. Please verify the firmware version number which is displayed under “About” option of pull down menu.


· N8 can support FAT/FAT32/exFAT/NTFS formatted TF cards during the firmware upgrade process.

· Do not operate the machine during firmware upgrade.

· Please delete/remove the firmware file from the TF card after firmware upgrade.

· Please update your Music Library after firmware upgrade.

· If N8 is in charging status, the player will not reboot to main menu after firmware upgrade.  It will stop at the battery charging page, you need to disconnect the USB charger to complete the firmware upgrade process.

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