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Version:Announcement of Cayin N5ii Firmware v3.3EN
Date:2018-05-04 08:05:46
Update log


Announcement of Cayin N5ii Firmware v3.3EN


New Functions and System Optimization

1. Add new High Quality option to Bluetooth function

2. Partial Big Fix: significantly reduced the frequency of random pause during playback, and speed up the resume when bug occurred.

3. Rectify the unexpected suspension when deleting a song during playback.

4. Bug Fix: maximum volume setting might be disabled when using some third party applications.

5. Other bugs fixed.


Firmware Upgrade Procedure


Cayin will release firmware update to enhance and optimize N5ii as deem required, the new firmware can be acquired through OTA or manual download, since the content of these firmware are identical, you can select whichever upgrade option that fit your needs.


Please make sure the device has sufficient battery power before you proceed.  Please confirm the device has not less than 50% battery power; otherwise please charge up the player before you proceed to firmware upgrade.


Option 1: Local Upgrade Procedures


Because the file size of the N5ii firmware is relative large (around 300+ MB), the most efficient option is to download the firmware package with wired network and perform the firmware upgrade manually as follow:

1.  Download firmware upgrade package from Cayin website, you should receive a compressed document N5MK2-ota-XXXX.zip 

2.  Do not DECOMPRESSED the firmware upgrade package, copy the zip file to the root directory of internal storage or TF card of N5ii as-is.

3.  Hold on the previous key of right side panel and then press Power On/Off button like below until the player go into recovery mode.


4. Specify firmware file location with the Volume control or previous/next buttons,

    a. select “apply update from internal storage” if the firmware file is stored on internal storage, Click Power button to confirm your selection.

    b. select “apply update from external storage” if stored on TF card. Click Power button to confirm your selection.

图片2.png 图片3.png

5. You can move up and down to select xxxxx.zip via volume or previous/next buttons and press power button to activate the upgrade process.

6. N5i will automatically go back into recovery operation screen, select “reboot system now” and press power button to reboot into regular operation.

Option 2: OTA Upgrade Procedure

Please check your current firmware and make sure you are using firmware version 1.1 or above.  If your N5ii is installed with v1.0 firmware, please use manual upgrade option to upgrade your N5ii to a newer version.  OTA firmware upgrade is only available to N5ii with firmware v1.1 or subsequent versions.


When you connect your N5ii to a Internet ready WiFi connection, the DAP will detect a new firmware and alert you for firmware upgrade. 


The download time might vary from 30 minutes to several hours, depends on the number of concurrent upgrade users on the server.  To improve our server efficiency, OTA will start on 10 February, and we’ll phase in the upgrade service by pushing the upgrade notification to selected N5ii units based on the last digit of the serial number over a course of 5 to 10 days. If you didn’t receive upgrade notification after we announced the new firmware, please wait patiently or opt for manual upgrade instead.


As long as you stay connected with WiFi, you can use your DAP as-is while downloading the firmware at background.  At the end of the download process, you’ll be prompted to confirm the installation of new firmware.


At the end of the firmware installation, N5ii will turn off itself automatically and power on again. You will be advised to delete the firmware package in order to avoid repeated upgrade accidentally.  Please verify that your N5ii is operating with the new firmware, you can find out the firmware information from the “About” option in Application Menu (swipe the screen from left “edge” to right).



1. Do not operate the machine during firmware upgrade

2. Please delete/remove the firmware file from the internal storage/TF card after firmware upgrade

3. Please perform a complete Music Scan after firmware upgrade.

4. If you are using TF card to upgrade N5ii firmware, please make sure you only insert the TF card with firmware package into the DAP. Inserting two TF cards into the DAP during firmware upgrade might cause system failure because the system might not be able to identify the firmware package correctly.

5. If you feel the DAP is not performing satisfactory after firmware upgrade, please wipe cache partition (in recovery mode) and restart the system.

6. If the system freeze or cannot resume to regular operation after firmware upgrade, you can turn off the device by holding the Power on/off key for 12 seconds.  The system will shut down in regardless of operation status.  If problem persist, you can perform a Factory Reset (under Setting menu) or Wipe data/factory reset (in recovery mode) to resume the system.

7. Please insert TF card into N5ii before RECOVERY mode. If you insert TF card into N5ii after starting N5ii and RECOVERY mode it may cause system failure because the system might not be able to identify the firmware package correctly

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