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Version:Announcement of Cayin N3 firmware v3.0
Date:2018-02-06 05:02:05
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Announcement of Cayin N3 firmware v3.0

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New Functions and System Optimization

1. Add new Power-saving mode to enhance standby duration:  turn on "Power saving standby" in the system settings, N3 will enter Power saving mode when the player is idled for 3 minutes, in regardless of the screen on or off.  However, if N3 is charging or connected to other devices through HiByLink, USB or Bluetooth, system will not consider the player as idle, so it will not enter Power-saving mode

2. Support Opus Codec upto 16bit/48kHz

3. Other bugs fix and enhancements


 Cayin N3 Firmware Upgrade

· Each version of firmware might contain minor different, consumer please decide on your own accord whether you need to update the firmware of your N3 DAP.

· Under normal circumstances, firmware upgrade will not cause any damage to user information, but Cayin cannot exclude the possibility of upgrade failure due to mal-operation or any other reason. For these reasons, you might be required to format your N3 DAP and result in losing person data stored on the player. We strongly suggest you backup all your personal data stored on the player before you perform firmware upgrade.

· The N3 firmware cannot be used in other product, and the firmware from other product cannot be used in N3


 Firmware upgrades procedure

1. For safety reason, please make sure the N3 DAP has not less than 50% battery power before you proceed, otherwise please charge up the player before you upgrade the firmware

2. Download the latest firmware from Cayin website (www.cayin.cn). Decompress and copy the N3 firmware file (update.upt) into the root directory of a TF card.

3. Insert the TF card into the N3 DAP and complete your firmware upgrade with either one of the following steps:

   · While N3 has been turned on, select “System Setup” and scroll all the way to the bottom of the list, select “System Update”, the system will complete the upgrade process automatically, and reboot the player after update is completed.

   · While N3 has been turned off, hold the round physical “Enter” button, and then hold the “Power on/off” button, the system start the firmware upgrade process and will complete the process automatically.  It will reboot the player after update is completed.


Note:  N3 can support FAT/FAT32/exFAT/NTFS formatted TF card during the firmware upgrade process.


When the upgrade is completed, you can verify the current firmware version number by selecting “System Setting” menu, under “About the Player and storage information” option, check out the “Firmware Version” detail.


· Do not operate the machine during firmware upgrade

· Please delete/remove the firmware file from the TF card after firmware upgrade

· Please update your Music Library after firmware upgrade

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