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Version:Announcement of Cayin i5 firmware v2.0
Date:2016-11-02 03:11:50
Update log

Announcement of Cayin i5 firmware v2.0

    Cayin i5 is our key product in 2016, we have devoted our complete R&D resource to deliver and maintain this Digital Audio Player.  We have attempted numerous innovative features and service on a brand new hardware platform, we were aggressive in product design and we play safe during our development and product optimization process.   After spending several months on bug fixing and serious follow up on system stability, we finally have delivered the v1.8 firmware that we feel comfortable with.  

    If v1.8 is good, why was its codename suggested that it is a minor firmware upgrade? Well, that’s because we think there is something missing.

    Ever since the launch of Cayin i5, we have been asked, and promised, USB DAC function for our Android DAP.  We thought this will be a straight forward feature after what we have done for N6 and N5, turned out this is much harder than we anticipated.  We have rejected numerous beta versions in between, and finally we can proudly present the i5 USB DAC.

    We might be late, but we deliver, that we can promise.

New Functions and System Optimization

1. Add new USB DAC function, user can connect i5 with their computer facility and function as an external sound card.

     PCM supports upto 24bit/192kHz,

     DSD supports DSD64 and DSD128, choice of DoP mode or D2P mode.

     ASIO Native mode not supported.

Using i5 USB DAC (please refer to download page of Universal USB-Audio driver for detail instruction):

a. Download appropriate version of Cayin Universal USB DAC driver according to your Windows system

b. Install USB DAC driver

c. Set USB mode of i5 to DAC, and connect i5 to computer facility

d. Set audio output of our computer as Cayin i5

Attention: When connect i5 to computer in DAC mode, i5 will cease to operate/playback. You can turn off DAC and resume regular playback control by disconnect the i5 from your computer facility, but the DAC mode setting will remain unchanged even after power off and on.  Unless you change the USB mode manually, i5 will remain in DAC mode and you can reconnect the USB cable and resume USB-DAC playback immediately

2.Retain user setting on “idle shutdown” after power off

3.Refine and correct UI wordings 

4.Other bugs fixed.

Cayin i5 Firmware Upgrade

Cayin i5 is based on a fully customized Android 4.4 system, this is uniquely developed to become the foundation of i5.  Cayin will issue updated i5 firmware from time to time to enable new function, optimize the features and functions of the player, and improve the efficiency and performance of the hardware platform.  Cayin reserves the right to modify the firmware without prior notice.



1. Each version of firmware might contain minor different, please review the modification list and decide on your own accord whether you want to update the firmware of your i5 Player.

2. Under normal circumstances, firmware upgrade will not cause any damage to user information, including installed applications and downloaded music files.  However Cayin cannot exclude the possibility of upgrade failure due to mal-operation or any other reason. For these reasons, you might be required to reset your i5 player and result in losing person data stored on the player.  We suggest you backup all your personal data stored on the player before you perform firmware upgrade.

3. The i5 Android firmware is fully customized for i5 only and cannot be used in other Android devices.  

4. Please do not temper the i5 firmware or intend to replace the i5 firmware with other Android based system or firmware.


Firmware upgrades procedure

   Cayin i5 offers OTA upgrade and Manual upgrade options.  The firmware content is identical in both cases, users can select their preferred option freely.

   Cayin i5 was launched with firmware v1.0, and we have added OTA upgrade function at v1.1 and v1.2 respectively.  If your i5 firmware is remain at v1.0, you’ll not be able to use OTA firmware upgrade, we suggest you to perform at least one firmware upgrade manually, this will allow you to enjoy OTA upgrade in subsequent firmware release.


A. OTA upgrade instruction

1. OTA upgrade is only available to i5 with v1.1 firmware or after.

2. Please make sure the player has not less than 50% battery power before you proceed.

3. When you activate WiFi connection, system will detect and alert you when new firmware is identified automatically, please use the pull down menu to accept the firmware upgrade offer, or select “System Update” command under the Setup menu to invoke firmware upgrade process.  

4. You will enter a download screen and when the download is completed, confirm to proceed update and the system will complete the update process automatically.

Upon completion on firmware upgrade, the firmware package is stored at the root directory of the internal storage under the name of “update.zip”. You can delete this file (with ES explorer preinstalled under Third Party Application drawer) to redeem storage capacity.

B. Manual upgrade instruction

The i5 v2.0 firmware package is around 216MB, consider some users are using the i5 as a standalone player or having a much faster network connection with their desktop computer, Cayin has offer manual upgrade option for your convenient.

1. Go to download page of Cayin website http://en.cayin.cn/download), click into the latest i5 firmware upgrade entry, download the installation package titled i5-Update-2.0international.zip

2. Copy the installation package to the root directory of i5 internal storage or the root directory of the TF card that will be used in firmware upgrade.

3. Please make sure the player has not less than 50% battery power before you proceed.

4. Enter Recovery Mode of Cayin i5 by pressing Down key at the right side and Power On/off at the left side

5. Once you have arrived at Recovery Mode, you can move around with the Volume control or the Up and Down key on the left, and select an option with Power On/Off key

     If you have stored the installation package at root directory of internal storage, select “apply update from internal storage”

     If you have stored the installation package at root directory of the TF card, select “apply update from external storage”

6. Select “i5-Update-2.0international.zip” with Power on/off key to activate upgrade process

7. At the end of system upgrade, select “reboot system now” at Recovery Mode to complete the firmware upgrade.


1. Do not operate the machine during firmware upgrade

2. Please delete/remove the firmware file from the internal storage/TF card after firmware upgrade

3. Please perform a complete Music Scan after firmware upgrade.

4. In case you have third party applications installed and find the system/applications are not performing satisfactory, please wipe cache partition (in recovery mode) and restart the system.

5. If the system freeze or cannot resume to regular operation, you can turn off the device by press and hold the Power on-off key for around 10 seconds.  The system will shut down in regardless of operation status.  If problem persist, you can perform a Factory Reset (under Setting menu) or Wipe data/factory reset (in recovery mode) to resume the system.

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