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Cayin N6 DAP: Dual PCM1792 / Dual Mono / 24-192 / DSD128 / SACD ISO (DoP Firmware @ pg107)

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I am Beta Tester of Cayin new DAP N6 and have received my testing unit on 30 October. I never owned any Cayin equipment as is not familiar with this brand in the past, so my participation was mean to be a nonpartial headfier offering an independent view to their new product. I didn’t plan to start a new thread on N6 initially as this is mean to be an internal testing process and the result was supposed to be for Cayin’s eyes only. Anyway, my initial impression to the N6 is very positive so I approached Cayin and get their endorsement to post the N6 information here on on HeadFi. I’ll take my time to work out the content gradually during the Beta test, so please be patient and come back once for a while to check out updates.

Cayin N6 PCM1792A chip DSD lossless music player Reviews

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Unboxing and small review of Cayin N6 DAP

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Review of Cayin N6 Hi-res digital audio player w/lots of pics!!!

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A lot of people think that upgrading headphones to a more expensive/multi-driver version can improve a sound quality without realizing how much impact a hardware source "plays" in order to take their sound experience to the next level. As some make a leap from using their smartphones or budget audio players to a dedicated quality DAP (digital audio player), you re-discover your headphones all over again and realize what you have been missing. Things can get quickly out of control when we are in search of perfection, don't have access to audition and to compare audio gear, and make assumptions that high quality audio hardware has to come at a premium price. Today I would like to share with you about a new flagship N6 DAP from Cayin that shatters these typical stereotypes while delivering a true high definition audio which sets itself above all mid-fi contenders and aims to challenge a more expensive hi-fi competition. Here is what I found.


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The last review we did with Cayin was on their C5 amp and we lauded them for producing a very worthy budget amp with excellent design sensibilities that in picture form honestly didn’t do it as much justice as it did in real life out of the box. The price was right also and plenty in our local forum groups lapped it up for its power and imaging capabilities.

A Survey of Digital Audio Players Cayin N6

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Cayin N6 ($620)
Cayin may not be a household name 'round these parts, though I'm betting at least some of you have heard of them. Another of the large Chinese brands, they've been around since the 1990s (under various names for different markets) making all types of gear, though are probably best known for their CD players and tube amps/preamps. They have also done quite a bit of OEM and ODM work so you may well have experienced something they designed and/or built, even if it wasn't labeled as a Cayin device. One of the early dedicated headphone amps to receive

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